Construction Of New Houses

We are sepecialized in integral construction of new houses in the whole Costa Blanca Area. We garantize a full service in new buildings starting from the plot selection, through gaining the necesary permitions and all the structure and the internal and external finish. Read more for our full service in the next page after clicking in the button below.

General Reforms

La Safor Builders has performed different reforms in the whole building area, taking from small to big integral reforms of houses and flats, extension of existing buildings and demolition services, complete roof change, rewearing new plumbing, windows and doors, kitchens, bathrooms plastering and decoration, guttering and many other activities. Read more for our reforming services in the next page after clicking in the button below.

Construction Of Swimming Pools

Construction of all kind of swimming pools. We take all the job, from excavating the place and putting the structure of the pool, to the tiling, electric job, plumbing and filtering systems in order to get the pool ready to use. To learn more for our swimming pool building services click in the button below.

Roofing And Waterproofing

We have a large experience with roof reforms specially with old roof removal, isolations and waterproofing , roof tiling, guttering and rustic roof building. If you want to learn more for our roof building services click in the button below.

Kitchen And Bathrooms

La Safor Builders also includes reforming of kitchens and bathrooms. We include carpentry, granite worktops, tiling, plumbing, electricity, water heaters, extractor fans, showers, sanitaries, To learn more for our kitchen and bathrooms building services click in the button below.

Tiling and Floor

La Safor Builders includes also tiling and floor services. We tile walls, floors and also galerias, bathrooms, swimming pools, terraces, kitchens and marbel tiles. If you would like to learn more for our tiling services click in the button below.

Plasting And False Ceiling

We also include plasting services of all kinds of surfeces. At this service we offer the making of all false ceilings and dropped ceilings for our clients If you like to learn more about our plasting and false ceiling services you can click in the button below.

Windows And Doors

Another activity with which we can help our clients is the windows and doors work. We offer different types of windows and doors, for interior and exterior, metal bars, even blinded and protection doors. Click the button below for more information.


 La Safor Builders has over 100 projects which involve electrician work. We offer new electric instalations, rewiring, switches and sockets, lighting, among other electric activities. If you want to learn more, please, click in the button below


Plumbing includes a wide range of services that that can be offered by La Safor Builders. We include new plumbing instalations, installing of sanitaies, water heaters, showers, pool filtration systems and more. For more information, click the button below.

About us

La Safor Builders is a construction company, with 13 years of experience performing in all kings of constructions, with partners with over 25 years in this sector.

Need more information?

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