Construction Of New Houses

Since the beggining of it´s creation, La Safor Builders main goal was to concentrate all the effords in giving a full service. We specialized in the construction of new houses, in order to endow opur clients with construction services that come from the years of experience that our company and it´s partners gained during all this time. This are the main construction services that we apply to guarantee a great new project:

Our services Include

As a construction company, we are totaly alowed for the expedenture of any kind of construction permition. We work hand to hand with the best architects in the region which help us always in developing great arquitecture work.

To set a new house, the first step we have to take is to make a propper excavation acording to the arquitecture plan. This is a job that can be easily taken by us.

Structuring is one of the most important parts of a construction of a new house. We work with the best materials to offer a solid structure. 

To make a greater look of the house, we can include all external  finishing services like, painting, roofing, terrace, swimming pool building, gardens, balustrada, gates, walls, amonga may others, that will make your new house look amazing.

To make your house look even beter from the inside, creating all kinds of comodities and allowing you to choose all details of your bathroom, kithchen, floor, windows, doors, lighting, chimeny, and more. You can also have central heating, air conditioning and more options avaliable to your choise to make your life easier.

La Safor Builders

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About us

La Safor Builders is a construction company, with 13 years of experience performing in all kings of constructions, with partners with over 25 years in this sector.

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