Kitchen And Bathrooms

Kitchen And bachroom services

Our kitchen design team includes full service of kithcen construction and reforming. How can we help you:

  • Removing the extistent kitchen.
  • Replacing tiles.
  • Plumbing and electric job, new switches, distribution changes of the kitchen.
  • Carpintery job.
  • Replacement and buying of new kithcen appliences.
  • New doors and windows.
  • Air conditioning.

Designing a new bathroom might seem a hard task for many, but with our great bathroom ideas, long years of experience and expert advice it will be easyer than ever.

We can help you taking all the bathroom job, specially with:

  • Removing of the existent bathroom, sanitaries and furniture.
  • Tiling walls and floor.
  • Lights and all electric work, ventilation systems, heater instalation, mamparas, furniture, doors, windows, painting and much more.
  • Plumbing

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La Safor Builders is a construction company, with 13 years of experience performing in all kings of constructions, with partners with over 25 years in this sector.

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